Bovenaanzicht van de Box Formation met zes vliegtuigen

Box Formation

The Box Formation is one of the most frequently flown formations. It is also used during a formation take-off with four aircraft. Here, the first three aircraft take off in Vic and number four will take off alone. Number four will join the first three in the air by flying behind the number one. He is then flying in the “box” created by the first three aircraft.

In a formation of six aircraft the take-off procedure is different. They will start in two groups of three, two Vics. The second formation – in this case called the Blue Section – will join the first section (Red Section) in the air. When the Blue Section is approaching the Red Section, the Blue Section’s leader will call “Blue Section, split” – the sign for the number two and three of the blue section to move towards the outer wings of the Red Section.

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