About the team

Victor Romeo Formation, cleared for take-off runway zero-six, hotel departure. Report leaving over whisky, see you soon!

The Victor Romeo Formation is Vliegclub Rotterdam’s formation team. The letters V and R (Victor and Romeo in the NATO alphabet) refer to the home base: Vliegclub Rotterdam. The formation performs in airshows with five or six aircraft. Curious? Keep on reading!

The Victor Romeo Formation is a group of experienced pilots based at Vliegclub Rotterdam. The team puts on spectacular shows – performing formation figures at a distance of only 1.5 meters! The shows are exciting to watch, due to the short distance between the planes and the many different formations they perform. In short, the Victor Romeo Formation offers you a breathtaking experience for any outdoor event!

Are you curious about the team? Browse this website. You’ll find all kinds of information about formation flying, the airplanes, the formations, and of course, the history of the Victor Romeo Formation.

For a start, watch this clip of the demo flown during Vliegclub Rotterdam’s Clubweek in 2021!