VRF Frequently Asked QuestionsDo you have a question about the Victor Romeo Formation? We have tried to put together the questions we have received most frequently and noted down the answers below. Is your question not among these? Then, do not hesitate to send us a message!

How can I join the formation team?

Get to know us! Get acquainted. Formation flying requires time and dedication. It is one of the most fun things to do, but it is important you fit into the team well.

How many hours do I need to practice to join the team?

Short answer: no idea. It depends on you. Do you have an aptitude? Are you able to show up many Sunday mornings to fly?

A day of calm weather can make formation flying seem easy, but as a beginning student, you will notice that the many corrections (approximately three a second: throttle, rudder, stick) require a lot of attention and effort on your part. The team will not let you solo easily. We must trust that you can safely join the formation and that you know how to leave the formation if you cannot maintain your position. Your reflexes must be correct. A formation first solo is quite the same as your first solo when practicing for your PPL!

How does the training of new formation students work?

If you do take aptitude and if you do fit into the team, you will be trained by current formation pilots. There is no specific formation rating, current team members will offer these trainings. This way, the Victor Romeo Formation will continue to exist into future generations.