Learn Formation Flying

We will take off in formation, after take-off we will join in a box formation. After turning to the coast, we will practice some formation changes. Using the beach as a reference point, we will perform a crossbreak. Questions, anyone?

Do you want to learn formation flying? You can! However, there is no designated pilot’s license or rating you can get. Formation flying is taught by practicing while being supervised by one of the more experienced team members.

Becoming an experienced formation pilot requires time and energy. Not only because you will learn to fly in a very different way than you normally would, but also because a formation team can only function properly when all team members blindly trust each other.

Just like every formation flight, every training flight starts with a briefing: what are we going to practice and what should we pay specific attention to? After each training the team debriefs, to decide what went well and what should be improved.

Top view of the Echelon position
The Echelon position is the basis of formation flight

Formation flying is very team specific. The Netherlands has other formation teams as well, take the Fokker Four as an example. However, they fly in very different airplanes and execute very different maneuvers than the Victor Romeo Formation. If you are a proficient formation pilot in one team, that does not mean you can automatically join another team.

In short, the Victor Romeo Formation is a close-knit group of pilots, connected by formation flying. Becoming a member will require your commitment – there is a training flight every Sunday morning over the Hook of Holland beach (whenever the weather allows).