Rotterdam Tower, good morning. Victor Romeo Formation, request taxi to runway two-four.

The team flies the Robin DR400. Occasionally, a Piper or Vliegclub Rotterdam’s aerobatics airplane (Robin 2160) will join the formation.

Robin DR400s are special airplanes, built out of wood and linen. The airplanes are designed in France and built in the Robin Aircraft Factory in Dijon-Darois. The maximum speed during flight is around 140 knots (260 km/h). During formation flight, the leader will maintain a speed of around 100 knots (180 km/h). Besides, the Robin DR400 has specially bent wings. These ensure in-flight stability, but also make the plane incredibly recognizable (and photogenic).

The formation flies with Vliegclub Rotterdam’s airplanes. One of our pilots has his own plane. Check out some of the planes that join the formation below.