Omicron Formation

Bovenaanzicht van de Omicron Formation
Omicron Formation

Omicron Formation?

Well, the Victor Romeo Formation has to stay up-to-date as well. As COVID has been dominating our lives for a while now we thought it is only reasonable to dedicate a special formation to the Omicron variant: the Omicron Formation.


Well… Not really. The Victor Romeo Formation has suffered enough because of all the rules (joking, of course). Doing the briefings and debriefings outside, while standing, in the winter cold, is a lot less comfortable than warmly inside while enjoying a warm coffee and a biscuit.

Luckily for us, airplanes don’t sneeze. Or at least, they don’t sneeze out aerosols. And by the way, they mostly keep 1.5 meters distance when flying. So the Omicron Variant …ehm… Omicron Formation isn’t (yet) part of our repertoire. For now, that is.

Perhaps you’re looking for the Oscar Formation, that one does have an O-shape!

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